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Multihead Weigher Introduction

Our range of Multi Head Weighers will enable you to accurately weigh a wide range of products at very high speeds.

This will increase your productivity and reduce your product give away saving you money. Our 10, 12 and 14 head machines can weigh up to 120 packs per minute and be coupled with VFFS machines or Tray filling lines.

We also have 14 and 16 Head Multihead Weighers with Twin discharge capable of 55 - 60 packs per minute per side. Useful for running 2 filling lines at 120 ppm.

Our 16 Head Multihead Weigher can be configured to deliver 2 separate products at 2 different weights into one pack or separate packs.

The latest Multihead Weigher is an 18 Head Multihead Weigher with Triple discharge. This is capable of 70 drops per minute per lane - This is great for tray filling lines as you can fill 210 trays per minute with one machine.

All Multihead Weigher have the facility to Multi drop enabling fast weighing of heavy packets

All Multihead Weigher are Stepper Motor driven and come with a user friendly 10.4ʺ Touch Screen control panel.

99 Products can be programmed into the machine for ease of change over.

Statistical Data is available on screen and can be printed using the optional printer.

All Multihead Weigher are IP65 rated and all contact parts are Stainless Steel.

All Multihead Weigher come with a full operating manual including some average program settings for different product types. This acts as a good starting point when programming a new product.

All Multihead Weigher are available with a full options list such as – Load cell top cone, rotating top cone, various product specific linear vibrators, timing hopper, printer etc., the machines can be customised to meet your requirements

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