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Multi Head Weighers Save Food Production Costs

Our goal is simple - "We aim to provide our Customers with a Multihead Weigher that pays for itself" We can normally achieve this in the first 9 - 12 months.

Multiheadweighers.co.uk was set up to provide a range of high quality, reliable and accurate Weighing equipment to suit all budgets.

With our Multihead Weighers product give away becomes a thing of the past.

With our Multihead Weighers products can be packed at speeds up to 640 packs per minute.

Multi Head Weigher Applications

Multihead weighers are not exclusively used in the food industry, but much of their usage is centred on this area, due to the need to accurately weigh different ingredients and foodstuffs. Examples of multihead weigher applications in the food industry that our machines have been used for are:

  • The use of multi-head weighers to add a mix of salad leaves at set, accurate weights, into bags or trays.
  • Our multi head weighing machines can weigh 10 different items on one machine into one container or 10 individual containers.
  • A number of Contract packers and food manufacturing companies have used our multihead weighing machinery to package plastic components such as bottle tops and golf tees.
  • The frozen food sector is a common user of multihead weighing machines. With IP67 ratings our multihead weighers can safely be used in wet High risk environments
  • We can also count your products using our counting software - this is important when you declare a quantity on a pack - with our Multihead Weighers we can ensure that the quantity of items in a pack is always correct.

These are just some examples of multihead weigher applications, with our range of 10 head - 48 head machines we can usually provide a solution where accuracy of weight and speed of production is a priority.

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