Raisin Weighing Machine

Food Weighing Machinery Weighing Raisins

This video shows a 14 head multihead food weighing machine accurately weighing raisins on a food production line. This food weighing equipment allows each packet to be filled with the correct amount of raisins which reduces product give away and saves money.

With the help of our automated weighing line equipment, you'll benefit from increased efficiency.

It doesn't matter if your produce is big or small, robust or fragile, our machines will handle with care. You can see evidence in the video, raisins are filtered through in a way that's quick, but doesn't impact their condition. So you won't have to worry about your products reaching customers with any damage.

With such speed you'll be performing better than you thought possible with our multihead weighers. You can see first-hand in the video how quickly our machines are able to sort through products. They're capable of running through thousands of packets an hour. Meeting demands will become a breeze and you'll even be able to set your sights on increased production.

Multihead weighers are also incredibly precise. The accuracy with which they weigh means they'll never overfill packets. You'll never under-fill either, so you

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