Multihead Potato Weighers By MultiWeigh: What are they, what do they do and why do you need them?

What is a multihead potato weigher and why do you need them?

A multihead potato weigher is a machine used to weigh potatoes very quickly and accurately. It is one of the best breakthroughs in the food industry. Our product range includes affordable entry level potato weigher that won’t hurt your bank account.

For this blog post we will focus on the all-new multihead potato weigher. It weighs potatoes in bulk so your business gets highly accurate measurements on your product weight before it gets shipped out. It’s an integral part of a high speed accurate packaging line.

The multihead potato weigher saves you a lot of time when compared to a more labour intensive method of weighing each individual product by hand with scales. It also eliminates human error because one person is not required to do the entire process on their own.

Multihead potato weighers can be used in conjunction with high volume food production machinery because they are capable of processing huge volumes of Potatoes with over 100 weighments per minute.

This makes these weighers very reliable and because of easy operation and high precision, this automatic weigher has helped several businesses over the years have huge success. Today, multihead potato weighing machines are available for all sorts of mixed, cooked, frozen and raw products and potato based meals.

Advances in manufacturing mean modern-day multihead weighers are made of durable stainless steel. The easy cleaning properties of this material ensures a high standard of food safety. Maintenance of these machines is also straight forward, with spare parts readily available and service engineers on standby.

Why are multihead potato weighers important in food processing?

The multihead potato weighers' high accuracy performance keeps production efficient and copes with the fast-paced demands of a food production line, ensuring only high quality products are produced.

Multihead potato weighers come with many benefits such as; accuracy in weight measurements, saving time in quantitative packaging of potatoes or other produce items. Multihead weigher technology helps you be on the right side of weighing rules such as the European Communities average weight rules. They can be used for adding other ingredients, perhaps other vegetables or meat to create a mixed product, all accurately weighed. Not to mention that it performs at high speed to help you do more with less effort.

These machines ensure that each product is weighed correctly, which helps to prevent waste and unnecessary losses because of improper weight. With its reliable machine performance, you can beat your deadlines and quotas.

If you're looking for a weigher that can be your ally on your everyday operations, let us find out which one is best suited to your needs when you call us today.

How Do Multihead Potato Weighing Machines Work?

Packaging and processing costs are reduced by using a multihead potato weigher in more ways than you think. Every batch of potatoes must be weighed accurately or your product will not meet its intended weight and cause issues. A multihead weigher weighs all the pieces individually before placing them on one of three product conveyors which take them into trays for packaging.

The machines are capable of weighing products between 20g and 20,000g, processing a staggering 50 to 100 packs a minute.

The time wasted carrying out this process manually is very high since many produce items are discarded due to damage or being too small or large. Having an accurate weighing system ensures that each individual piece has been properly weighed so your final product meets its intended weight.

Automatic bag filling and weighing

Packaging is one of the most important parts of any product's journey from farm to table. It needs to be done right, or else your product can get damaged. The biggest problem with packaging potatoes or any fresh farm products for sale is that you need a machine that can weigh each individual potato properly so they all come out at exactly the same weight. Otherwise, customers will notice the difference. We have created a solution that automatically weighs potatoes so they will be consistent. Multihead potato weighers may look tough and strong, but be assured that it won't damage your crops because it has a gentle handling design.

Multihead Potato Weigher. From the weighing system to the sealing of the bag

Multihead potato weigher will be connected to a tray packer with specially designed machinery that places your product in appropriate sized containers. This is a large scale production machine that is used in all types of food processing plants. Integrating both weighing and packaging solutions together.

The multihead potato weigher is designed to work with your other pieces of equipment. It feeds raw potatoes from the hopper into another machine, like a packing unit or tray filler. The packaging system can then use these precise weights for accurate product counts.

Connect your multihead potato weigher via conveyors and belts with other equipment such as packing machines to complete your food production line.

Start by getting your potatoes into a hopper and it will distribute the potatoes onto different conveyors, into boxes or trays for packing.

The process begins with the hopper filling up with potatoes. Once in the multihead potato weigher they will be distributed. The multihead weigher opens all the hoppers in combination and the product falls, via a discharge chute, into a bagmaker or, alternatively, into a distribution system which places the product, for example, into a stable bag while retaining its perfect bag shape. The consistency of bag sealing is assured as well so that all bags of potatoes are now ready to be shipped to distribution systems.

An extra layer of hoppers (‘booster hoppers’) can be added to store product which has been weighed in the weigh hoppers but not used in a weighing, thus increasing the number of suitable combinations available to the computer and so increasing speed and accuracy.

The empty trays will then be filled and the conveyor system will move them into a tray packer machine for boxing.

Depending on what ingredients you use for your recipe, you may want your final product to be a specific weight. The multihead potato weighers are able to adjust the size of potatoes and produce them as instructed by you. All thanks to this combination weigher system you can be assured that everything is precisely accurate with little time.

The weigher’s computer determines the weight of product currently in each individual weigh hopper and identifies which combination contains the weight closest to the target weight. The computer calculates to only open the hoppers that (in combination) contain a product that is equal to this predetermined target weight.

The strength of the machine means the target weight can be as much as 20kg, easily weighing bulky objects ready for the process of filling into various packing materials.

Today’s modern technology has made it possible for you to automate your potato sorting, weighing and packaging. A multihead potato weigher is a perfect way to get started in packaging products of various weights, as they make the job easier by accurately packing potatoes in seconds flat. Gone are the days when you had to sort the potatoes with your hands, which is a very time-consuming task. Now, you can do more with less effort, and involving fewer staff. All made possible by Multihead potato weighers.

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