Multihead Weigher - Weighing Diced Pepper

Food Weighing Machinery Handling Diced Pepper

You'll see in this video one of our multihead weighers weighing diced pepper in preparation for packing. This automated weighing line equipment quickly sorts the pepper into the desired portion size. It's capable of sorting thousands of packs an hour.

Want to forget all your food packing problems? Our multihead weighers make your packing process more efficient than you ever thought possible.

Whether you pack vegetables or nuts and bolts, our machines will handle your product with care. In this video you'll see diced peppers being sorted at a rate of thousands of packs per hour. Despite this speed the pepper is managed gently enough to not be damaged. You'll never have to worry about your produce reaching customers in anything but the best condition.

Our automated weighing line equipment is fast enough to boost your entire packing process. In the video you can see the speed at which they can efficiently sort through products. You'll be able to pack thousands of packs per hour with pinpoint accuracy. You will easily meet demands, and can even increase production with your new found efficiency.

You won't ever have to worry about losing money through overfilled packets again. Our multihead weighers are extremely accurate, and can be programmed to your liking. This accuracy also means you'll always be on the right side of average weights legislation. Ultimately, you'll save money and time without the worry of overfill.

Why waste time with equipment that's not the best available? Revolutionise your production line with multihead weighers today. Fill out our contact form, or give Wilson a call on +44 (0)7730 656691.

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