Crisp Weighing Machine

The 14 head multihead weighing machine you'll see in this video is part of a crisp packing line. It accurately weighs crisps into 12g batches before packing.

With our automated weighing line equipment, your production line will reach new levels of efficiency.

Whether you use it to package crisps, vegetables, or even plastic or metal, your products will be in safe hands. As you can see in the video, even items as fragile as crisps are handled with delicate care. So you can be sure with our equipment, that your products will reach your customers in perfect condition.

You'll also benefit from the speed and accuracy of the machines. In the video it's easy to see the impressive speeds our multihead weighers can reach. It's able to sort 120 packets of crisps every minute, meaning that you'll be capable of packing over 7000 packets per hour. With this speed you'll be able to meet demands more easily, even opening yourself up to increased production.

With the incredible accuracy of our multihead weighers, you'll also save money. Their precise weighings mean you'll never lose money or produce because of overfilled packets again. You'll also always be in line with average weight legislation. You'll forget it's even possible to make mistakes.

Why waste time with equipment that's not the best available? Revolutionise your production line with multihead weighers today. Fill out our contact form, or give Wilson a call on +44 (0)7730 656691.

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