Compact 10 Head Multihead Weigher - 0.5 L Video

Need the best equipment to streamline your production line? Concerned you don't have the space? Our compact multihead weighers come in a range of sizes to suit you. They work just as well as our larger ones, but can be tucked away more easily.

No matter what exactly you need to pack, our weighing equipment can handle it. In this video you'll see even our smallest machines are capable of impressive speeds. Even operating at this speed, they're still able to ensure your products go undamaged. Your products will always reach your customer in perfect condition.

Our compact automated weighing line equipment will speed up your entire packing process. You can see for yourself the constant speed at which they can sort your products. You'll be able to complete packing of thousands of packs per hour. So you'll easily meet demands and even have the ability to increase production and the size of your business.

We understand that lots of money can be lost through overfilled packs. That's why we supply you with the most accurate multihead weighers. You can programme them to your desired packet weight and watch them reach this precisely again and again. You won't ever underfill either, so you'll always be on the right side of average weights legislation. You'll no longer have to worry about how much is going into your packs, and save money.

Why waste time with equipment that's not the best available? Revolutionise your production line with multihead weighers today. Fill out our contact form, or give Wilson a call on +44 (0)7730 656691.

Compact 0.5L 10 Head Multihead Weigher Demo

In this video you'll see one of our compact multihead weighers being demonstrated. The machine in the video is a 10 head multihead weigher with a compact volume of 0.5L. This piece of equipment, despite its small size, runs exactly as well as our larger equipment.

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